Forests are capable of invoking the most profound, stirring imagery in any romantic’s heart. Lush green with an omnipresent musky undertone, rich, dense canopy which makes sunlight an actual daydream. Sadly,
like all things sacred, humans have managed to convert this land of bliss into a sinister game, solely governed by utility.


We at Infintree want to restore the forests to their former glory. By aiding the forest dwellers with dignity, we want to put in place a system which rewards them for afforestation, which not only will slowly abate problems related to climate change; but will also boost local economies and prevent migration to cities and the subsequent, vicious cycle of oppression and poverty.



Indigenous tribes are far more advanced than city dwellers can ever dream of being. Yet it is unfortunate that so many of them push away nature’s luxuries to reside in stifling urban spaces. By creating a system which rewards them for afforestation while also generating employment for them, we achieve two goals at once – poverty alleviation and afforestation.
The participation of willing, enthusiastic youth will enrich them with a renewed understanding of the organic way of life, which we really do need desperately.



Village areas surrounding reserve forests, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are the best spaces. Slowly but surely, the vision is to expand this system to previously forested areas which are now fully agricultural. The intention is not merely to reforest spaces, but also to encourage the creation of healthy forest ecosystems, which are populated with their rightful flora and fauna.



Forest Infintree aims to create a self-sustaining system which promotes afforestation and generates employment.

How it works :-

  • Involving enthusiastic, conscientious youth to be forest creators.
  • We will sign MoUs with State Governments to plant trees in unused rural areas. It could be a fallow land, wasteland, land left vacant for cattle etc. Regenerating soil quality is also a part of this movement.
  • This is the most important part of this movement – involving local people to do the job. We will hire people from the local community to plant trees, tend to them, and nurture them until they’re self sufficient. This serves two purposes at once – generating employment for the local community (which will reduce migration to cities) and creating a healthy ecosystem.
  • Locals will also be hired to tend to large nurseries, which will cater to the needs of our Urban Projects. They will be completely managed by the locals, again generating more employment in their wake.
  • Monsoon is the season of Vanmahotsav – which will be utilised by us to plant more saplings and facilitate the creation of more green belts.

As the project picks up momentum, we not only will have more forests, but we’ll also have more leaders, more nurturers and many many more inspired citizens. While battling climate change, we also have to battle the desolation these times have left us in, and a healthy environment surely is a great catalyst.