Our Ambitious Mission

The sole mission of this movement is to stall, or impede, if not totally reverse the effects; of global warming and climate change, one tree at a time – to recreate healthy forest ecosystems that will empower local communities and restore hope. Creating a holistic, self sustaining tree plantation system which involves the youth is the ultimate agenda.

That is the rationale behind naming it Infintree – the number of trees each human makes use of in his/her lifetime is infinite. But how much of it is anyone able to give back? The issue now is not so simple as to just leave a better planet for the future generations – it is as much about restoring this planet to its former glory, or else, even the current generations are doomed.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.”– an old Chinese proverb.

It matters little if one did nothing to contribute to planet earth so far. Infintree Foundation intends to facilitate an effective way to reduce everyone’s infinity to a palpable quantity – all one now needs is the volition to do so.

Our vision

The vision is to restore forest ecosystems while setting an effective mechanism in place, which ensures the continued reforestation of impoverished areas. Planting even one tree leads to a ripple effect – not only does it foster the growth of other plants, but also facilitates the generation of a mini ecosystem in itself. The foundation intends to create such spaces wherever it can do so; leading to poverty alleviation and employment opportunities as a byproduct. The objective is to impede, reverse the effects AND give back, so that planet earth is back on its feet.