The world is burning, the World is on alarm! 


The forests cover almost 30 percent of total land surface area of the planet Earth. But this 30 percent is being decreased by deforestation and this is clearly visible in the image given below. Deforestation is clearly visible.


These trees which we cut down on this regular a basis give us innumerable valuable things that can’t be replaced, nor can be received by any other means. The food security, shelter, medicines, and oxygen – the foremost thing to keep yourself alive, and many more such essential life governing assets.


Deforestation is turning into a serious issue around the globe, serious steps are to be taken on the issue before it’s late. The earth was first green and is now turning into a barren wasteland, losing its main attributes such as forests. The amount of carbon dioxide is added more by excessive deforestation in tropical rain forests rather than total pollution caused by the sum total of cars and trucks on the roads of the world.


The amount of pollution caused by cars and trucks is 14 percent whereas the percentage of pollution caused by deforestation is 15 percent of global carbon emissions, these records and statistics are given by world carefree network (WCN).


“Unless we change the present system that rewards deforestation aka Forest destruction, forest clearing will put another 200 billion tons of carbon dioxide Into the atmosphere by coming decades…. ‘” says EDF. According to Environmental Defence Fund (EDF), a leading green group acknowledged that in between the years 2000-2009, the deforestation rate sharply increased and is increasing with a constant pace with time.


Deforestation is termed as clearing a wide area of trees. The clearance of Virgin forests intentionally by destruction, for selfish uses or for sustenance, in the name of commercial uses of building houses or industries, regularly cutting down trees for firewood and not even replanting to compensate the lost forest cover, not thinking the loss is their own. Once the Forest is cleared they won’t receive any more wood for firewood. This deforestation is one of the key factors contributing to ‘Greenhouse effect’ and ‘Desertification’.


Amazon rainforest, agricultural expansion. Agricultural expansion/intensification is done on purpose to increase the yield and productivity. Half the world’s population is dying from hunger, especially the Southern Asian part. But the fact is – most of the agricultural expansion and produce is from this region. In India, roughly 70 percent of the total population is engaged in agricultural production, still every night the poor sleep on empty stomachs. This is the harsh reality. As the agricultural expansion intensifies, the question is, to what degree will the biodiversity persist if the Human needs keep increasing and dominating? The population is increasing and resources decreasing, due to urbanisation the demand of food is growing and to fulfill this demand farmers are expanding agricultural practices; but even that doesn’t seem to solve the hunger woes. If expansion isn’t reaping any results, what for are we destroying valuable forest cover? These agricultural practices cause several issues that are serious threats – soil erosion, overgrazing, using agro chemical products which in turn pollute the irrigation systems. These are the main problems associated with agricultural expansion.


When the livestock is left for grazing on grassland for excessive period of time, the vegetation is damaged and ground becomes prone to soil erosion. Overgrazing leads to soil erosion and that affects the vegetation when it’s repeatedly trampled by large amount of livestock; that too on a regular basis, the growth of native plants will not only droop but they’ll start dying.


Soil erosion is a process when the top most layer of the land is worn away. The causing factors may be water forces or by tillage done in the agricultural practices. Usually soil erosion is a slow process, its effects can’t be seen, but gives alarming signs to the humankind. Soil erosion is done by three factors – wind, water and tillage. The distinctive features of soil erosion are – soil detachment, movement and deposition. Soil erosion comes in the form of gully erosion, bank erosion, sheet erosion, rill erosion, etc. In all this the surface area gets transformed into a rough surface area and soil erodibility is lost. When measures to prevent soil erosion are neglected, that leads to ‘Land Degradation’. The top Most layer of the land holds the highest amount of nutrients, and if this layer is removed then it’s quite hard to recover that quality of soil. This lost quality of soil comes with the inability of the native vegetation to grow once again and the task is mostly termed as impossible. If this process continues, it leads to “Desertification “.


Mining is done on large scale and small scale. The land is cleared by massively cutting, burning and slashing down the land for mining operations. In order to extract the valuable minerals and metals from the soil, huge bulldozers and excavators are used to extract the minerals and metals. Chemicals like cyanide, mercury or methylmercury are used to amalgamate the extractions. These chemicals are lastly released by piping in tailing form in the water bodies, streams, oceans and Rivers leaving all of them contaminated. These contaminated water bodies, not only are fatal to the aquatic organisms residing inside but are also fatal to humankind as the regular and excessive consumption of this carcinogenic, contaminated water leads to diseases of skin, lungs etc. The livelihood of the fishermen is also affected due to the excessive death of numerous fishes and aquatic organisms.


According to US federal research research, humid, forested areas are most likely to face greater threats from wildfires. Travelers leave their campfires burning, cooking stands and cigarettes burning that leads to flaming fires in the Forest Area. After all, trees absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere – so the more trees that burn down, the harder it is to combat climate change in the future. And this is dangerous, Funk said. “It creates a feedback loop: the fires create more emissions, which in turn contribute to more global warming, which will then cause more fires,“Funk” said. “Fires are not the enemy – they are an effect of an underlying process, so we need to address the problem rather than the symptoms of that problem.



Plant, Plant, plant, as much as you can!!

The solution to this problem is actually not very difficult. To plant as many trees as one can manage to plant is the most fool proof way to bring back the Earth from the brink of catastrophe.


But is it really possible for everyone?




Infintree Foundation has made the planting of trees (and tending to them) as easy as it gets. Small steps go a long way. All you have to do is contribute a certain amount, as per your convenience, and your contribution will be used by us to plant more saplings and provide employment to gardeners and other strata of the society.




Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, Climate Change is actually something that we all can do something about, instead of waiting for the government to step in. The earth is not merely a collective treasure, it also is a heirloom, meant to be preserved and fine tuned to be passed down to the coming generations. It is as much the public’s responsibility to be mindful of the environment as it is of the governments.




We are a young country, and can do anything, should we wish to. The youth needs to be awakened to its responsibilities and its shining (albeit veiled) opportunities – this dismal situation is a great opportunity for the youth to not only do something worthwhile for the Earth, but also to hone their leadership skills and stun the world with their enthusiasm and resourcefulness.


This is a quiet revolution, and it’s upon us to make it a successful one.