Our urban spaces are choked by all the toxins the consumerist lifestyle brings in tow. Migration is not a solution, staying is not feasible. How to break out of this lethal status quo?


We at Infintree want to make urban spaces breathable again. A simple yet incredible system, which takes the onus of planting trees and nurturing them, both, from the hands of governing bodies and citizens alike. Conscientious citizens only need to contribute a little towards the health of the planet, and before long, urban spaces like schools, colleges and offices will be lush green.



Small steps go a long way. We want to create a system where in willing people can donate a minimum amount to plant trees in urban spaces. The reason why people do not do so very often is the care that trees need in initial stages. This is where Infintree comes in – we will ensure that your contribution grows magnanimously. Your monetary support will be channeled in the appropriate direction – to the gardeners who will tend to the plants and make them grow.



We are past the era of colonial and socialist architecture. It is now time to return to a more organic way of life. Fenced areas like schools, colleges, universities, offices, public parks, residential societies; all of these hold so much potential to boast of mini ecosystems. We want to make that dream a reality. By involving enthusiastic, willing youth, we want to build a clean, green earth.



Project Urban Infintree aims to make urban spaces breathable again – by creating a self – sustaining plantation system which will promote afforestation and restore hope.

How it works :-

  • Involving enthusiastic, conscientious youth is the most vital part.
  • Teams of young leaders would scrounge cities to mark the locations suitable for afforestation – schools, colleges, public parks, residential societies etc.
  • The most formidable task is to involve the general public – we intend to do this by organizing Tree Talks, where in we’ll ask the public what they feel about climate change and tell them that they too, can make a difference. Inspiring people indeed does go a long way.
  • We’ll sign MoUs with the designated safe havens, to facilitate afforestation. Consequently, we’ll tie up with nurseries to supply the saplings, and will also utilize the resources generated by Project Forest Infintree. With the advent of Monsoon, planting season will begin.
  • More the plantation, more the rainfall; and more the happiness quotient. A cleaner, greener, sustainable city is vital for our physical and mental health.

City dwellers need to be reminded of the bliss of nature. By promoting afforestation in cities, we not only will battle climate change, but will also make our living spaces less toxic, fresher and far more aesthetically pleasing. Nature only needs a little help; it eventually finds a way, anyway.